Katy Cares introduces Grow Through Life, a four-phase program that offers teens 11 through 15 skills-based personal development with a comprehensive prevention approach. Enrollment is free for families who qualify.

Grow Through Life (GTL) Skills Upgrade for Teens is an extension of our Ready, Set, Go! Parenting Program, a therapeutic, mentoring and coaching Program coupled with related support services for single-led families, single mothers and their children, affected by situational homelessness and trauma.

The breakup of the formal family structure due to a traumatic and life altering event, such as the passing away of a husband, domestic violence, abuse, separation and/or divorce, financial challenges due to a loss of employment, income and/or child support, and/or a natural disaster, can change the family dynamic and expose the need for foundational skills to balance the demands of family life.

Single-parent families, especially single mothers and their children, often do not have sufficient financial and material resources, and access to therapy and social support. They often struggle to understand and initiate emotional resilience in the relationships with their children and lack the psychological resolve to manage their current status and related challenges. Continuous change complicates the growing needs of all the members of the nucleus family.

Several teens of single mothers enrolled in our RSG! Parenting Program, are now part of the GTL Program. The program was launched in June 2021. It is a skills-based personal development program with a comprehensive prevention approach. It is aimed at teenagers and adolescents between the ages of 11-15 years. The program builds skills that strengthen protective factors necessary for a teenager, promotes intra -and interpersonal competencies to manage self and understand others, instills pro-active communication skills to purposefully engage with others, mediate appropriate situation-related behavior and develop moral decision making and reasoning, with a deepened awareness of current family dynamics.