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Houston Volunteer Lawyers Offer Legal Aid to Families in Need

A meeting between Katy Cares, Inc. and Houston Volunteer Lawyers (HVL), a non-profit service of the Houston Bar Association, was facilitated by Dr. Jennifer Mizulski (left), an attorney at the Quan Law Group. Barbara "Bobbie" Cochran (right), Staff Attorney, represented HVL and Dr. Dawid J. Pieterse represented Katy Cares. The objective of the meeting was to facilitate legal support services for the single led families, single mothers and children, who are enrolled in the Katy Cares Trauma Informed Therapeutic Program. Houston Volunteer Lawyers is the pro bono legal aid arm of the Houston Bar Association, who is bridging the gap between needs and solutions in Harris County. Founded in 1981, they help thousands of people each year with their most [...]

2020-08-10T22:02:29-05:00August 3, 2020|News|

Food It Forward Restaurant Campaign

Katy Cares is participating in the “Food It Forward” Campaign, a win/win program to support both local charities and restaurants endeavoring  to stay open now. During these times of economic uncertainty, we are partnering with local area restaurants that are supporting our community. Your donation, made directly to Katy Cares, will be used to fund the “Food It Forward” program, that will purchase gift cards or prepared meals from these participating restaurants to help feed our Katy Cares community in need. In turn, the participating restaurants will offer discount pricing on food orders. Thank you for your kindness and support by donating to the Food It Forward program. Enter any dollar amount in the Donation Form below. Enter the name [...]

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COVID-19 Response: Social Distancing Touch

COVID-19 brought about an ever-changing social context and dynamic. Katy Cares believes that social distancing provides a new way to initiate and foster a culture of connection. With greater physical distance between people we are utilizing the opportunity to create connection with purpose. Our Therapeutic Team uses SOCIAL DISTANCING TOUCH to maintain and introduce our support services to more single mothers and their children: Tele-talks with licensed therapists Opportunity to grow in a trauma-informed peer participating parenting group- zoomed in on what matters most Utilizing practical know-how from peer participation to become and build resilience in an ever-changing environment Connect to build a resourceful community [...]

2020-12-04T10:01:04-06:00March 25, 2020|News|

Our Home Has A New Name: The Rachel Ballard House

The Rachel Ballard House has been established as the new home for Katy Cares, LLC. On Friday, August 18, 2017, The Ballard Foundation revealed the name of the new Katy Cares facility. This first home on the property will provide a safe and stable environment for homeless mothers and children. It will give them the opportunity to discover their unique purpose, and embark on a challenging and rewarding journey toward hope for their future. We are honored to be partners with The Ballard Foundation and for the home to be named after such a remarkable woman.

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