Grow Through Life

Life Skills Upgrade For Teens

A Comprehensive Prevention Approach for Teens 11 to 15 Years

Grow Through Life Program

Grow Through Life is a skills-based personal development program with a comprehensive prevention approach.

This Program will help teens to acquire and build skills that strengthen protective factors, promotes intra- and interpersonal competencies, instills pro-active communication skills, mediate appropriate situation-related behavior, and develop moral decision making and reasoning, with a deepened awareness of current family dynamics.

The Program is theme-based and addresses the most critical developmental assets necessary to make a smooth transition from adolescence to adulthood.

Katy Cares Grow Through Life Program

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Grow Through Life for Teens
Four-Phase Program

This Program offers teenagers the opportunity to explore, question and integrate positive behavior and pro-social norms, necessary for their development as autonomous individuals.

An experienced facilitator, knowledgeable in therapy and group dynamics, utilizes a peer-group environment to introduce, modify and reinforce life skills through a participatory active learning and constructive discussion approach. Learn more about yourself, your family and healthier ways to interact and communicate.

Phase One: Learning about myself
Phase Two: Learning about my family
Phase Three: Healthy ways to communicate with others
Phase Four: Family – my favorite family ways

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