This suburban setting masks the extent of the struggle of single mothers and children in our community

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Texas Gulf Coast

Gulf Coast Texas

Katy, Texas is a small city encompassed by the Houston-Woodlands-Sugar Land statistical metropolitan area (SMA).

The Greater Houston metro area covers nine counties, including Galveston and Brazoria Counties along the Gulf of Mexico.

Katy Cares serves Harris, Fort Bend and Waller Counties

Houston, Texas

Houston, the largest city in Texas and fourth largest in the USA, boasts 7,000,000 population.

Houston is home to NASA, the Texas Medical Center, and the global center of energy exploration and production.

Katy, Texas

Katy lies on the western border of the City of Houston in Harris County. The Greater Katy area is defined by the boundaries of Katy Independent School District encompassing the original City of Katy (‘Old Katy’) with a population of about 18,000 and surrounding communities with more than 385,000 population.

Homeless in the Greater Katy Area

This suburban setting within an affluent city masks the pain – and the extent – of homelessness and situational homelessness in our community.

According to the National Center on Family Homelessness, the average number of homeless families in Katy exceeds the national average.

Our attention was drawn to the invisible and expanding social dilemma of single mothers heading up families within the boundaries of Katy ISD that are experiencing trauma as a result of a death of a husband, divorce or separation.
The alarming statistics highlighted the invisible nature and challenges of single mothers that do not have sufficient material resources, emotional support or the psychological resolve to report and manage their status.
Katy Cares was founded as a solution-driven response to address the immediate needs in Katy.
Allison Stark

Allison Stark
Founder and Former President

Facing Overwhelming Challenges, Situations are Often Desperate

Our founders, board members, volunteers and multi-professional team have been involved in the Katy community for decades and are known to respond appropriately to the challenges faced by single led families.

Our attention was drawn to the invisible and expanding social dilemma of single mothers heading up families, especially those within the boundaries of Katy ISD.

Single mothers, who do not have sufficient financial and material resources, emotional resilience, support, or the psychological resolve to report and manage their current status, related challenges and, at the same time, keep their households going.

These single led families are faced with overwhelming challenges. The Katy Cares non-residential TITP and related support services are intentional interventions presented as a solution. Enrolment in our Program is free.

We are assisting, serving, counselling and caring for these mothers and children who are victims of trauma due to a traumatic and life altering event. Events include domestic violence, separation, divorce, financial challenges due to a loss of employment, income, child support, and/or a natural disaster. These mothers are facing overwhelming challenges and their situations are often extremely desperate.

Our Non-Residential Trauma Informed Therapeutic Program (TITP) is presented at our therapeutic facility, meeting rooms made available by churches, other non-profits, community centers or at the homes of small group leaders. Single mothers participating in our non-residential TITP will have the opportunity to discover their unique purpose and embark on a challenging and rewarding journey towards a hopeful future for their families. Success is obtained through each mother committing to the challenging process detailed in individualized levels of our Programs based on the needs’ assessment of her and her children.

In addition to addressing the immediate needs of our Program participants, we provide these single mothers with numerous opportunities to gain skills, knowledge, spiritual growth and making connections in the community from our rigorous educational advancement and through intensive counseling and support groups. Every mother that graduates from her individualized development program (IDP) can proudly say she has persevered, developed the necessary skills and reached therapeutic milestones to move forward with confidence.

Every Dollar donated to Katy Cares will thus enable us to deliver on our mission effectively and continuously. It will enhance our ability to positively impact the well-being of these mothers and their children, build our capacity, increase our effectiveness and contribute to our sustainability.