Ready, Set, Go!

Parenting and Family Programs for Single Parent Families

What is Ready, Set, Go!?
Ready, Set, Go! is a parenting program for single-parent families that face financial, emotional, and social hardships as a result of unexpected, traumatic and life-changing events.
This is a community-based parenting program of the PUPS Parent Development Initiative presented by Katy Cares.
Ready, Set, Go! offers each family winning ways to build and sustain healthy relationships, effective habits, and practical skills to manage a demanding family life.
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Eight-Module Program
Ready, Set, Go! takes place weekly for 2 to 3 hours. Participants have access to a facilitator and an individual therapist to support their growth and achieve parenting goals.
Free to enroll
It is a free program. Enroll in person or online.
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Katy Cares Participant
Katy Cares Participant
Katy Cares Participant
Before I enrolled into the Katy Cares Trauma Informed Therapeutic Program, I saw the world in black and white. After I graduated, I now see the world in color!

Eight Weekly Modules

Module One

Learn about your own self-care and make social connections that support you and your wellbeing.

Module Two

Explore and learn more about phases of child development. Gain new parenting skills to lead your children.

Module Three

Identify the structure of your family of origin and explore how beliefs adapted from your past influence your approach to parenting.

Module Four

Learn more about your personal parenting style and communication skills for healthy relationships.

Module Five

Establish co-parenting as an effective parenting practice. Gain emotional and social resilient for a changing family.

Module Six

Create two short-term parenting goals for health family habits and meet the needs of every family member.

Module Seven

Create two long-term parenting goals to sustain a health family culture, supported by resilient family habits.

Module Eight

Draft a family contract, integrating the desired family culture, relevant to all members of the family.

STRONG: Home Grown Skills School

STRONG Program
STRONG is a component of the Ready, Set, Go! Program to help families with children develop skills in their home life for a stronger, healthier family. This component:

Provides suitable parent and child activities with tangible results.

Promotes the development of personal and interpersonal resilience.

Focuses on observable benefits and noticeable changes sufficient to grow and maintain healthy relationships in a single parent family context.

Encourages children to test new skills that can improve their understanding of themselves in relation to their social situations.

Offers activities selected to introduce emotional and social skills that can raise the child’s self-awareness, self-management, relational appropriateness and age-related independence.

Provides single parents with an opportunity to support them to become confident in initiating and fostering strong relationships with others.

Includes skills aligned with Biblically-based principles and scriptures, supporting single parents to use the Bible as a base for conversation and application.

For more information, contact:
Kristen Dean, Social Services Director

Kristin Dean
Social Services Director

Carousel Pieterse, Program Director

Carousel Pieterse
Program Director