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Valuable Volunteers Program

Thank you for contacting Katy Cares. Volunteers are indispensable and a valuable resource for the growth, maintenance and sustainability of our organization. Your involvement will help us to impact the lives of single mothers and their families. Through our Valuable Volunteer Program you will be able to interact with other role players willing to serve and share their time, talents, enthusiasm and resources. Relationships are important and Katy Cares is committed to maintain a volunteer program where appreciation and respect is mutual. We value your service and contributions in your quest to DO GOOD.

Valuable Volunteers is the volunteer division of Katy Cares and we believe in a dynamic, structured, highly responsive and skills-driven program. Through a network of willing, enthusiastic, skilled, talented and committed individuals we provide a safe and effective volunteer platform in the following service areas.

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    Please list your skills/expertise that can help Katy Cares to fulfil its mandate to assist single mothers and children:

    Vroom: Transport related needs.Groceries for Good: Special events and residence pantry requirements.Pups: Activities, tools and services linked to the parenting program.Mini Masters: Outdoor and Indoor tools and activities for mastering physical, social and emotional skills.Match: The Mentor-Family Matching program.Moneytalk: Financial acumen, skills, mentorship and products that can expand and stabilize financial progress and wellbeing.Chiefs: Cooking skills.Edu-smart: Educational access, involvement, mentoring and sponsorships.Good call: Community driven Job-related opportunities, placements, internships and mentorship networks.Vital: Health related mentorship and access to sustainable health products and services.Keys: Maintenance and service driven projects to improve and maintain facilities.Core: Specialised services, skills and needs relevant to the individual therapeutic needs.Boost: Volunteer appreciation initiative supported by a business network opportunity.Addwise: Adding specialists when it matters most.