Driven by a multi-discipline team of business and professional leaders involved in the Katy community.

Our attention was drawn to the invisible and expanding social dilemma of single mothers with families in Katy ISD experiencing situational homelessness. This area includes Harris, Fort Bend and Waller Counties.

Research revealed that 10 to 15 percent of residents in shelters and homes in neighboring towns were from the Katy area.

Mothers were being turned away due to lack of space.

There is an invisible nature of single homeless mothers that lack the resources or the psychological resolve to report their homeless status and seek help.

Katy Cares was founded to provide a structured solution to this dire need.

Rachel Ballard House


To provide specialized, trauma informed, therapeutic housing for single mothers and their children experiencing situational homelessness in the Greater Katy Area.


To equip our residents and participants with the necessary emotional, social, spiritual and educational skill sets that can support them to become economically independent and accomplish and maintain a professional career through professional partnerships, and community engagement.

To enable them to develop emotionally stability, and excel in personal and spiritual growth, educational accomplishment, professional partnerships and community engagement.

Core Values

Our values drive our approach, our organizational culture, and our objectives. These values are essential in the way we think, work, act and execute.


Our Team

Harry Chapman

Dr. Harry Chapman

Dawid J. Pieterse

Dr. Dawid J. Pieterse
Interim President

Melissa Chapman

Ms. Melissa Chapman

Thom Polvogt

Mr. Thom Polvogt

Sean Nelson

Sean Nelson

Our Purpose

Employ personnel to manage and sustain trauma-informed and goal-oriented residence
Recruit inter-organizational and multi-disciplinary professionals to embrace and serve the diversity of needs
Implement therapeutic, spiritual and educational interventions leading to personal and professional independence
Facilitate and maintain inter-connected community resources and opportunities enabling residents to live a fulfilled life beyond supported housing

Our Principles

Utilize measurable and specific outcomes
Facilitate and mentor behavioral change
Increase commitment to long term behavioral change
Monitor implementation of quality and service impact
Exercise continuous program evaluation
Integrate across all organizational service levels

Our Approach

Developmental approach with a trauma recognized framework
Families leave our Program empowered through behavioral and educational improvement
Residents initiate and manage their own change
Program participants will have personalized goals matched for their success
Positive feedback and celebrating the accomplishments of our mothers and children
Milestone celebrations that will serve as our visible commitment to their enduring change and development
Every staff member will be a part of our commitment towards change and accomplishment. We will ensure a safe place for our families to work through this rigorous program
Our program is evidence based and focused on measurable equations ( emotional spiritual and educational development) of women and children affected by homelessness

Our Sponsors

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